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Trivium Productions
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We are Trivium Productions, a Full-Service Audio and Video Production Unit, with the reputation of Creativity and Outstanding Branded Content, Corporate Films and Television Commercials.

About Us

Every successful video campaign is driven by a well-told story!

Trivium Productions is one of the Best Film Production Companies in Pune, Mumbai, Surat, Bangalore and Dubai. We are a close team of Passionate and Professional Directors, Cinematographer, Editors who work together to create beautiful and engaging audio-visuals. We strive to achieve work that breaks our Creative Boundaries, Specialized in Film Productions, Corporate Films, Television Commercials, Animation, Visual Effects, Post Production and the list goes on.

Whether your brand needs, next video campaign filmed at any location around the world, we are here for you to achieve great results by offering End to End Services, from Content Strategy to Post-Production. We are Trivium Productions!

What We Do

Filmmaking is not only about the shooting but also about originality, choices, passion and attention to smallest details.

We at Trivium productions have all aspect of video production, right from initial conceptualization to final Post-Production Process. We create all sorts of content from TV Commercials, Short Films, Web Series, Corporate Films & Videos, Live Action Films to Feature Films, with the broader field of expertise in every aspect of filmmaking.

We are a complete package and one-stop Production Crew for all your media requirements!

“A carefully considered video strategy is the essential key to the success of every film”

A video is the most powerful key that anyone can use to convey their thoughts or ideas effectively. We, at Trivium Productions not only strategize video content but also advise our clients on how they can utilize these video contents effectively.

With our full-fledged video production services like Conceptualization, Storyboarding, Creative Direction, Project Management, Video Production Personnel, On – Screen Talents, Video Production Studio we help our clients to reach to their specific motive and target audience.

All projects begin with an idea!

That creative idea which can make your film a knockout hit. We, at Trivium Productions, always work closely and collaborate the creative ideas for our clients to meet their expectation and desired goals.

Creative Direction is an important stage where we finalize all decisions before the camera rolls. Our specialization is in Script Development, Story Boarding, Pre-Visualization, Budgets, Casting and Locations.

Our Animation studio specializes from 2D and 3D animation to VFX also writing engaging scripts and discovering the best voice talent to give liveness to the animation films and services like Briefing, Scripting, Style Frame & Treatment, Voice Over and Animation.

2D animation can take complex communication like Product Explanation, Infographics to the next level through our better understanding and approach for Storytelling.

3D animation is one of the most effective styles of Animation broadly used by Architects, Engineers, Marketers and Product Designers.

We at Trivium Productions create an effective style of 3D animation videos to display your products through our services like Product Animation, Stop Motion Animation, Hand-Drawn Animation, Explainer Videos and Whiteboard Animation.

Post Production is the most essential and crucial part that enhances and ensure the Structure, Narrative, Pace and Mood of the film.

With our professional team of Post-Production, we are pleasure to provide you with our services like Editing, Compositing, Video Encoding, Colour Grading, Sound Tracks and Sound Design.

Become a visual storyteller with us!

Management is the crucial part in the execution of any project!

Trivium Production is one of the best Video Production Company in Pune, Mumbai, Surat, Bangalore and UAE which helps your brand to smooth out the production process through our abundant Experiences, Resources, Affiliated Partners and Expertise which we provide to your brand to succeed.

“A picture speaks a thousand words”

Professional Photography is an art of creating professional quality images, which carries more weight than product information. We believe professional quality photos can grab the eyes of the customers and also increase the viewers’ attention and interest.

With our team of Professional Photographers, we deliver every aspect of photography like Brand Shoots, Campaign Shoots, Fashion Shoots, Jewellery Shoots, Product Shoots, E-Commerce Product Shoots, Catalogue Shoots and many more.

Trivium Productions is one of the leading film Production Company in Pune, Mumbai, India and Dubai. Together we are a creative force when it comes to Film Production, live Action Filming, Chroma Shoots, Short Films, Skits, Webisodes Production, and Web Series Production.

We make dynamic and innovative films on the ground, in the sky and underwater for both Commercial and Festival purpose. We look after every stage of Film Productions right from the beginning of the idea to finalizing the end results with our remarkable services like Script Writing, Story Boarding, Casting, Locations, Shooting, Editing, Post-Production Services and Distribution.

Corporate films are the perfect way to show the values and ethics of the company, whether it’s a small scale business or a large corporate firm, we are here with our professional team of corporate filmmakers who will ensure that the right message will be delivered on the right platforms and to the specific target audience.

We work with different sectors in this industry from Property and Architecture, to Finance and Professional Services, Technology &IT, Energy, Travel and Leisure.Our team of Copy Writers, best Corporate Filmmakers, Cinematographers and Photographers will make sure that your company doesn’t get lost in the market competition.

Television commercials are one of the most effective ways to grab audiences’ attention. Ad filmmaking includes every filmmaking process such as Script Writing, Story Boarding, Filming, Editing, Post-production and releasing. Our ad film makers work closely with the clients to deliver the best result and leave a deep impact on the audiences’.

We are a perfect combination of traditional and modern ad film agency with freshly brewed content, ideas and scripts & a highly committed execution team creating a stunning visual for the audiences’

Whether you are looking to shoot a performance video with just Director and cinematographer or want to shoot an epic performance with dance video, we are here to create these beautiful and amazing music videos as per your need and budget.

We believe in creating music videos which are lively, youth-centric and hook the ears of the listeners with spectacular services like Studio Shoots, On Location Shoots, Dancers, Models, Abstract, Green Screen Shoot & Recording Studio Shoots and the list goes on.

We at Trivium Productions expertly tailor marketing videos which can help you to promote your products and services. Marketing Videos are the most fruitful way to diversify your Pitch Presentation, improve Social Media Engagement and Website SEO.

We believe marketing videos should have certain finesse and powerful aesthetics which will not only attract people but also gives a positive impression of the product and services in the market.

Documentaries are an amazing way to engage, audiences with the brand. We at Trivium Productions believe documentaries are delivered to record real-life events, which can be presented in a simpler way to the audiences through our team of skilled professionals.

We at Trivium Productions organize and prepare the resources before the camera rolls and keep the end goals in our mind which enables us to deliver high-quality documentaries which are engaging and appealing to viewers.

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Trivium production house aspires creativity in every aspect of creative media platform. We will make sure that our clients are always under lime light in the world of glamour.

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