About Trivium Productions

Trivium Productions is a concept Production House. One of the top creative production companies in India, Arabia & Europe. At TMG we all possess the same forte to strike a chord between the people and the product; we guide your brand to create influential presence at every touch point through strategic planning and inspiring visuals.

Trivium Productions is a dedicated arm of Trivium Media Group. At Trivium Media Group we are well aware of the fact that advertising is an art. We are an invincible group of professionals, passionate about our work and let our creativity do the touting. We are a 360° solution for all your media needs. We are Trivium Media Group !

What We Do

We reckon to express through only three mediums which is conceptualizing, designing & producing the best of content while communicating through storyboards, video content & photo shoots. With meticulous planning & paying close scrutiny on every facet involved in the making of a film comprehensive of three stages pre-production, production & post-production. Post that releasing the final content, giving your brand a global coverage and exposure. We are your complete Production Crew!

We make it better than you ever imagined it could be! We start from scratch and create an experience worth sharing. We offer: Concept development, storyboards, creative direction, project management, camera crews, video production personnel, on-screen talent, video production studio & tools and large-scale productions.

We Trivium Productions specializes in thematic and
e-commerce catalogue photo shoots. Whether you’re a model eager to make a mark in the industry or a fashion designer launching a new collection, we’re here to help. We provide experienced fashion photographers, creative directors, ideal locations / studios and photo editing / retouching.

You think you have figured out everything that goes into a creative production project. Think again! There’s always that uncalled last minute cancellation or misplacement. Let us smooth out the production process by streamlining it from the get-go. Experience, tools, resources, affiliated partners, expertise, we give it our all to succeed.

Your creative brief and story outline act as the starting point in developing key messaging for pre-production. We then discuss and identify concepts, resources and equipments with you, essential to craft a powerful script, determine the production scope and video production budget aligned with your objectives.

We guide you from concept to delivery! Offering tailored production projects based on specific budgets, we elevate the entire post-production workflow through superior visual effects, motion graphics, color correction, audio mix, editing, packaging and promotion. Become a visual storyteller with us!

Our Services

Trivium Productions is a 360-degree commercial productions solution, providing
best talent and resources to craft curated multimedia stories that echo with maximum vibrance.


Trivium production is one of the distinguished corporate film makers, witha team of creative, highly skilled and best corporate film makers, videomakers and photographers. We have a sound understanding of theadvertising industry and worked with many reputed brands in buildingtheir business through our corporate video production services. Our expertcorporate film makers produce high-tech corporate films and corporate videos.


We’re not simply a post-production facility – we’re a fully fledgedanimation, motion graphics and visual effects studio, capable of carryingyour project from concept all the way through the final render .Triviumproduction with its team of highly skilled and certified professionals in thefield of 2D and 3D animations. Our company, with over years of experience,shape your ideas into outstanding animations for your business and helpyou in reaching your targeted audience and achieving your goals.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Do you often wonder how the products shown in billboard and TV ads lookso beautiful and stunning? The secret behind those photographs is the artof Product Photography. We make images and capture life and momentswith minute attention to details and offer a variety of photographic services.We pride ourselves on using the latest cutting edge technology and industrypractices coupled with our extensive knowledge and experience in this field.


Music videos were invented to serve a particular purpose – the promotionof songs. Right from conceptualizing music videos to making the finalvideo. We believe in making music videos accessible to all artists from newtalent to established performers. We rely on developing good relationshipswith the performers who work with us to create something memorable.


Trivium’s video marketing services help offer an in-depth look into yourbrand to build trust and recognition. Video provides an immersiveexperience that is easy to digest and still leaves a long-lasting impression.We specialize in reaching and managing custom audiences with tailoredmarketing and communications.


Making a remarkable documentary needs one’s vision, thorough research,effort and time.  All these can be compassed effectively with the help of ourprofessional team. Our team has experienced scriptwriters, directors,editors and post-production technicians to bring out the best deliveredunder the command of skilled personnel.


We are one of the leading service providers of Short Film makers. Delivered& smoothly execute by professionals. We’re the expert professionals of thetrade.  We help you to transform your ideas and stories into reality.


There’s no better medium than film. Great brand films tell stories, createmoods, trigger emotions and spark conversations; drawing your audiencein and leaving them with a clear sense of what your brand means today.


Through in-depth research and impeccable execution, we createcommercials that help brands to communicate through the means of stories& visuals which are thought provoking. Some of our value propositionincludes freshly brewed content, ideas and scripts & a highly committedexecution team creating stunning visuals.


Trivium Productions is a 360-degree commercial productions solution, having many clients in Agencies, Advertising
and Television industries across the nation. Below are some of our precious clients.


trivium media group

At Trivium Media Group we are well aware of the fact that advertising is an art. We are an invincible group of professionals, passionate about our work and let our creativity do the touting. We are a 360° solution for all your media needs. We are Trivium Media Group! www.triviummediagroup.com

Globalocal Digital

At GLD, soaring high is our nature and we strive to do same for your brand. Our team comprises of the best Digital and brand strategist to boost your online presence by heavily advertising it. To make your presence felt we’ve our Content writers, Video specialists and Mobile app developers to help your brand to exploit the utmost potential. https://www.globalocaldigital.com

SOS buzzfeed

SOS Buzzfeed produces riveting & gripping content takes you through a virtual tour of the city’s most exclusive places, automobiles, current trends and fashion fads envisioned through the social platforms. https://www.sosbuzzfeed.com/


Designer Management Agency is the business accelerator enabling growth of textile manufacturers, fashion, jewellery, accessory, interior & décor designers & brands. www.designermanagementagency.com


World’s first & highly regarded, Fashion Designers Management Agency manages Ace & Emerging designers for Alliances, Expansion, Licensing & Affiliations. fashiondesignersmanagementagency

Trivium Public Relation

We rewrite your story verse with a twist, narrating for Luxury, Fashion, lifestyle, textile, hospitality, automobile & real estate. Trivium PR is the arm of Trivium Group. http://www.triviumpr.com/

A Creative Alliance

We are your complete Production Management partner!

Trivium Productions guarantees success of your every creative production venture. A full service production house with a global presence in India, New York and Dubai, we work with you in real-time to truly capture and promote your brand.
Design a world of inspired, interconnected visuals that continuously capture your brand’s essence through the best of technology and creativity.
We specialize in creating visual experiences. We are a team of dedicated doers always striving to open doors to unexplored production concepts and processes. We work with you, bringing with us a cumulative of 30 years experience and a strong network in production and advertising fraternities.
Production is an investment, and we know that. We dive deep to understand the image you want to build in front of your target audiences. We conceptualize only after a careful review of the best suited commercial production solutions for your brand.
Engagement, impact and calls-to-action are integral to our creative production approach. By turning audio visual content into a measurable business generator, Trivium Productions connects the elements that drive a powerful advertising machine.
We work within the parameters set forth by you using cost-effective, unconventional production services. From sunrise to sunset, we are your guide and ally in diligently piecing together the right brand image through viral visuals.
Location Planning
Equipment Selection
Artist and Model Selection
Music and Background Score
Editing & VFX

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